TKT MAIDS is a leading Ho Chi Minh City industrial cleaning service company providing comprehensive solutions including:

👉 Industrial cleaning services: house cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City, office building glass cleaning, high-rise glass cleaning, general cleaning services, post-construction cleaning services, carpet cleaning, chair cleaning sofa, washing office chairs, washing cushions, scrubbing floors; Marble & Granite floor polishing, Marble & Granite floor restoration, Marble & Granite floor maintenance.

👉 Provide cleaning staff: building, office, apartment company, supermarket, bank, commercial area… daily 8 hours/day or  house cleaning by the hour or  office cleaning service by hour hours in HCMC.

👉 Supplying industrial cleaning equipment, cleaning tools: industrial vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber, pressure washer, blower, window cleaning equipment…

👉 Supply of cleaning chemicals: cleaning chemicals IMEC (Italy), cleaning chemicals Dymachem (UK); chemicals provided by TKT MAIDS include: chemicals for daily cleaning, chemicals for periodic cleaning, chemicals for specific cleaning tasks… applicable to families, offices, company, restaurant, hotel, commercial area, factory, factory, workshop….

  • Floor peeling, stone floor covering, wood floor covering, stone maintenance, floor cleaning.
  • Degreasing in industrial zones, car washing.
  • Cleaning toilets, cleaning public areas, kitchen parts, deodorizing, disinfecting and deodorizing.
  • Laundry, spot removal, carpet cleaning, deodorizing.
  • Polished wood, metal, leather.
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With COMPREHENSIVE, OPTIMIZE, SAVING solutions and constant efforts to reach professionalism, TKT MAIDS wishes:
  • Bringing Vietnamese families and offices a clean, fresh, comfortable and comfortable living and working environment.
  • Bringing to partner companies trust and success.
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1. Industrial cleaning services of TKT MAIDS

TKT MAIDS brings to the works, interior, exterior, equipment … cleanliness to every detail on the basis of in-depth knowledge in the field of hygiene, sanitary equipment, cleaning chemicals. We are constantly improving and applying the latest technological advances to perform cleaning services.


TKT MAIDS has a team of skilled workers and technicians; Professional’s in the field of home care, office, industry at. So you will not worry about the long construction time, affecting your progress. All staff of TKT MAIDS on duty at the construction site are agile; Polite and enthusiastic in work. During working time, cleaning staff always wear uniforms; Wear name tags, wear protective gear to perform work.


TKT MAIDS has provided specialized cleaning machines, high performance and efficiency. Thus minimizing the cost of the service. Create competitive prices.


TKT MAIDS uses specialized and environmentally friendly chemicals. All chemicals have been registered with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for safety when used.


Cleaning service TKT MAIDS cleans with good procedures; intelligence to improve the working efficiency of machines, equipment, and people. Processes are drawn from the real experience of partners; suppliers, and projects that TKT MAIDS has implemented


TKT MAIDS with very diverse service packages; Therefore, customers only need to cooperate with 1 cleaning service company to fulfill all the following requirements:

  • House cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City, post-construction cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • Glass cleaning of high-rise buildings
  • Floor scrubbing, stone floor polishing,stone floor restoration
  • Carpet cleaning service, mattress cleaning, office chair cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning
  • Office Disinfection
Dịch vụ vệ sinh trên cao lau kính, alu
Image: Overhead cleaning services to clean glass, alu

TKT MAIDS would like to send our customers the preliminary price list of industrial cleaning

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An accurate industrial cleaning services quote will be sent to you after the survey.

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2. Provide cleaning staff

TKT MAIDS cleaners have experience or are trained to do the following:

  • Cleaning, maintenance: building, office, commercial area, service area, restaurant area, entertainment area…
  • Good use of sanitary chemical equipment: floor mop, wiper, dust pusher, water extractor, trolley; floor cleaning chemicals, toilet cleaning chemicals, glass cleaning chemicals…
  • Good use of industrial cleaning machines: scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers…
  • Understand and follow cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Trained to handle emergency situations: fire, explosion…
  • Personality: Disciplined, honest, dedicated.
dịch vụ tạp vụ văn phòng TKT Maids
Image: TKT Maids office janitorial services

*TKT MAIDS please contact customers for survey and quotation

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3. Supply of machines, chemicals and cleaning tools provided by TKT MAIDS

The combination of TKT Mart with TKT MAIDS industrial cleaning services brings customers maximum benefits, best prices. TKT Mart provides industrial cleaning machine products; industrial cleaning chemicals, high quality cleaning tools, most competitive price.

TKT Mart cooperates closely with leading equipment suppliers in Thailand, Italy, Germany, USA… to have the cheapest and highest quality products.


TKT Mart constantly improves business processes, purchases, sales; COST OPTIMIZATION, to ensure that the products provided by TKT Mart have the cheapest and best prices in the market.


TKT Mart only provides quality products at the best price

  • Industrial cleaner machine
  • Floor scrubber – carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washer
  • Drying machine

Please contact TKT Mart for the most complete information.

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Please let TKT MAIDS cleaning services be your close partner

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4. Request 100% Free Consultation, Survey, Quotation

💦 If you are interested in our services, want to be consulted, answered requests, please leave your information in the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

5. Questions about cleaning services

❓ Question 1: What types of sanitation solutions are included?

👉 Answer: TKT Maids provides comprehensive solutions including industrial cleaning, providing cleaning staff and providing equipment; chemicals and specialized machinery for the cleaning process. In general, when using the services provided by TKT Maids; You just need to contact us, we take care of everything.

❓ Question 2: What cleaning services are available?

👉 Answer: We provide a variety of cleaning services for offices, companies, factories, restaurants,…:

  • House cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City, cleaning after construction
  • Office cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • Glass cleaning of high-rise buildings
  • Floor scrubbing, stone floor polishing,stone floor restoration
  • Carpet cleaning services, mattress cleaning, office chair cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning
  • Office Disinfection

If you have any need; Please contact us immediately for detailed advice and support!

❓ Question 3: Which cleaning services is most trusted by customers?

👉 Answer: Most of TKT Maids’ services are highly appreciated and used by many customers; Factories and houses often have comprehensive cleaning needs or after construction they have needs to clean the entire area. In addition, factories also regularly use floor scrubbing and polishing services; … office buildings, companies will be glass cleaning services, alu cleaning, billboards,… In general, all have a need for a certain service, and will periodically use it to maintain their works.

❓ Question 4: Are the chemicals used for cleaning safe?

👉 Answer: Absolutely safe! With any chemicals that TKT Maids uses, they meet safety standards certified by the Ministry of Health; At the same time, we use chemicals imported from abroad that are 100% tested, absolutely safe. At the same time, the ingredients in the chemicals that we use do not affect human health,

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hotline 0909058020

6. Customers evaluate the cleaning services TKT MAIDS

💞 If you have ever used the services of TKT Maids, please leave comments and suggestions about our services!


7. Video of cleaning services of TKT Maids

7.1. Video introducing cleaning services TKT Maids

🎬 Video 1: Introducing TKT Maids industrial cleaning services

7.2. Video introducing office cleaning services

🎬 Video 2: Introducing office cleaning services

7.3. Video introducing building glass cleaning services

🎬 Video 3: Introducing building glass cleaning services

7.4. Video introducing school cleaning services

🎬 Video 4: Introducing school cleaning services

8. Request a consultation

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