Building janitorial services ✔️ Flexible ✔️ Professional ✔️ Modern ✔️ Prestigious in 2024. You can try to find the answer for your own experience.

Currently, with building housekeeping services, TKT Maids deploys in two forms:

  • Daily janitorial services 8 hour
  • Hourly janitors

With thoroughness and completeness in all aspects; hope that the services that TKT Maids provides you can properly and adequately meet the current needs of all customers in HCMC; Using the services will not disappoint you because it only brings practical effects to you and your business.

Let’s find out!

1. What is a building janitors?

Building cleaners are the people who undertake the cleaning and cleaning of the building including: offices, stairs, elevators, toilets, lobby frames, corridors, etc. In general, they are the the person in charge of keeping and cleaning the space of the entire building.

Although they are only a small, insignificant part, they take on important jobs; help keep the image of the building in the eyes of customers as well as partners coming to your building.

Maybe your building is an apartment building, an office building, etc., cleaning and sanitation are all very necessary and play an important role; With the work they undertake will surely change the look of your building day by day.

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2. The job of the building janitors

Usually, the building janitor will take care of the cleaning tasks of the areas in the building. Therefore, the jobs will be divided by area and specifically as follows:

2.1. Cleaning in front yard and surrounding area

  • Sweeping and garbage collection
  • Garbage collection and transportation to the designated place
  • Clean all signs and logos (under 2m height)
  • Change trash bags, wash trash cans and deodorize periodically
  • Spray water to wash the front yard area
  • Scrub the moss on the wall
  • Sanitize the garbage storage area
  • Sorting dirty towels, washing and drying towels

2.2. Lobby area, floors in the building

  • Sweeping and mopping wet floors with specialized chemicals
  • Treat stains on the floor when they arise
  • Regularly push the dust and polish the floor with a dedicated pusher
  • Pick up trash and change trash bags often
  • Wipe, remove spots, stains on walls, columns, …
  • Wipe, dust on wall decorations: paintings, photos, signs, etc.
  • Window cleaning
  • Wash and deodorize trash cans (periodically)
  • Cleaning and dusting fire extinguishers
  • Wipe waiting chairs, waiting tables to receive guests
  • Wipe the reception desk and chairs, equipment on the table
  • Wipe glass walls, glass cabinets, wash cups, refill water for guests (if any)
Nhân viên tạp vụ tòa nhà quét dọn hành lang
Image: Building cleaning staff cleans the hallways

2.3. Corridor area, walking stairs

  • Sweeping and mopping floors with specialized chemicals
  • Collect garbage and change garbage bags regularly; transport to the specified place, eliminate odors
  • Overcoming situations such as: dirty, wet floors, ..
  • Cleaning stairs, elevators, handrails, buttons, etc.
  • Clean the windows in the hallway, the electrical switch panel
  • Sweep and mop the corners of the wall
Nhân viên tạp vụ lau chùi cầu thang bộ
Image: Janitors cleaning the stairs

2.4. Male/Female toilet area

  • Wipe wet floors with specialized chemicals
  • Wipe dry and deodorize
  • Wipe walls, partitions, bathroom doors, door handles
  • Chemical treatment (cleaning and deodorizing) toilets, urinals (both inside and outside)
  • Wipe with a soft cloth to clean smudges, fingerprints on the mirror, ..
  • Wipe the outside of the hand dryer, soap dispenser, toilet paper holder
  • Collect and change trash bags
  • Check and change the toilet paper when it runs out
  • Sanitary waste must be cleaned up as soon as the bin is full
  • Sweep dust, cobwebs on ceilings, walls (periodically)
  • General cleaning of toilets with chemicals; handle arising
Lau chùi kệ để Lavabo trong toilet nam
Image: Cleaning the Lavabo shelf in the men’s toilet
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3. Building janitorial services of TKT Maids

With TKT Maids’ building janitorial services, you will experience a comprehensive service care experience; Professional and best quality.

With janitorial services, your building will be taken care of hourly, daily, monthly; with experienced teams, dedicated staff, fast advanced cleaning methods. We will take care of your space meticulously, carefully and bring the highest efficiency.

Dịch vụ cung cấp tạp vụ tòa nhà TKT Maids
Image: TKT Maids building janitorial services

Along with janitorial services, TKT Maids also supports specialized industrial cleaning services with the most competitive and cheapest costs on the market today. Customers can flexibly choose to apply for their building. Here are in-depth solutions that you can refer to:

  • Wash the carpet; washing chairs; curtain washing; washing office partitions
  • Care; maintenance; rehibilitate; Polish; natural stone floor coating (Marble, Granite); tile floor (glaze, glass shade); artificial stone; cement floor; concrete; Terrazzo flooring; Granite; Vinyl Flooring; Anti-static Vinyl Flooring ESD… according to professional processes and chemicals, international standards.
  • Cutting services; Rework new generation epoxy grout to help with waterproofing
  • Glass cleaning service, alu, signs … outside, overhead of the office.
  • Waterproof silicone shot service for the office.
  • Disinfection service to prevent respiratory infections with a new generation of non-toxic chemicals; non-corrosive; EcoLabel, Green certificates according to Swiss technology. Only at TKT Maids

With TKT Maids, you will enjoy completely new, economical and perfect service experiences.

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4. Price list of building janitorial services

Immediately refer to the price list of building janitorial services of TKT Maids:

hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
3 hours/day – 3 days/week3 hours/day – 6 days/week4 hours/day – 3 days/week4 hours/day – 6 days/week
71,000 VND/hour62,000 VND/hour68,000 VND/hour59,000 VND/hour
Monthly fee: 2,769,000 VNDMonthly fee: 5,022,000 VNDMonthly fee: 3,536,000 VNDMonthly fee: 6,372,000 VND
Fees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Vacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Single floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/month
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5. Request a free consultation, survey, quote

Leave your information to us, the staff will contact you for advice and care as soon as possible!

6. Process of providing janitorial services

The process of providing janitorial services
Image: The process of providing janitorial services
Step 1 – Receive information
  • Customers request services and TKT Maids receives preliminary information from customers about job requirements, time and location. TKT Maids can send preliminary service quotes (for reference) to Customers.
  • Time: within the day of receiving the information
  • Cost: 100% free
Step 2 – Survey – Quotation
  • TKT Maids conducted the actual survey at the construction site, agreed on the work.
  • Time: within the day of quotation
  • Cost: 100% free
Step 3 – Sign the contract
  • TKT Maids sends quotes, sample contracts and negotiates with customers on prices and contracts. After agreeing, the two parties sign the contract and confirm the implementation date.
  • Time: 1 day since both parties confirm
  • Cost: 100% free
Step 4 – Deployment
  • TKT Maids deploys staff, chemicals, and equipment to perform services at the construction site in the presence of supervisors. Monitor until the construction is really stable.
  • Time: supervision according to the project at least 1 day
  • Cost: customers pay monthly service fee according to signed contract.
Step 5 – Customer care
  • Monitor the customer care area periodically as required
  • General supervision of customer care by appointment
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7. Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Is there any difference between building janitors and office janitors? What is the service cost?

👉 Answer: Normally, the job of an office janitor will be lighter than that of a building janitor; Because, building cleaners often work and move around floors, cleaning toilets, stairs,… In general, the job will be hard, requiring employees to have experience and methods. Quick cleaning to save time and bring high work efficiency. In terms of cost, this service is still charged by the hour with the price list provided above. You can consult

Question 2: What does a building janitor do?

👉 Answer: In general, the jobs of housekeeping staff include jobs such as cleaning, sanitizing, cleaning, … but based on the architecture of the building, the location you work: office , company, building, .. that the job has changed. At this time, the work will be more detailed and clear for each individual to take on and complete the work in the best way.

❓ Question 3: When we use janitorial services, do we get chemical support?

👉 Answer: Depending on your needs, we support all from chemicals, tools, sanitary equipment,… You can refer to our price list above. In it, we will have a detailed quote on housekeeping services, cleaning chemicals, specialized sanitary equipment. If you have a request, we will deploy these programs together, so you can rest assured.

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8. Customers rate the grocery service of TKT Maids

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12. Request a consultation

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