Are you looking for office janitorial services that can help you take care of and clean your office space anytime, anywhere. You are in need of a reliable team that can provide quality services with the most professionalism and modernity!

Indeed, the office is a place that needs to be cleaned and kept clean; this plays an important role in helping you and your employees work in an airy, fresh environment; promote work productivity and bring high efficiency in work.

With TKT Maids’ office janitorial services, you won’t have to do anything. Already have our staff take over and carry out the cleaning tasks; clean up and arrange everything; so you can focus on doing the main work at the office.

1. What is office janitor?

Office janitor staff are those who specialize in cleaning and cleaning the office; usually, janitor staff will undertake the work requested by the customer; The tasks that employees will usually do are:

  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Collect garbage and keep it in accordance with regulations
  • Window cleaning within reach
  • Cleaning doors, door handles
  • Sort and collect papers
  • Clean decorative objects, wall hangings, pictures, …
  • Periodically clean the light troughs, cobwebs on the ceiling and walls

In addition, there will be additional tasks that the customer requires; Depending on the structure and space of the office, they have suggestions for additional cleaning and cleaning tasks.

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2. Introduction of TKT Maids office janitorial service

Office janitorial services are now trusted by many customers to use and apply to their offices; purpose to keep your office clean, neat and tidy. On the other hand, with janitorial services, your office will be staffed and cleaned throughout; Ensure the space is always clean and beautiful in the eyes of customers.

Dịch vụ tạp vụ văn phòng TKT Maids
Image: TKT Maids office janitorial service

With the current office janitorial service, TKT Maids deploys in two basic forms: Daily janitor at 8 o’clock (daily) and hourly service; with any form, you can also use it depending on the needs and the area of ​​the space to be cleaned; to select and apply suitable cleaning methods.

Besides office janitorial services, we also deploy intensive cleaning services with preferential prices; This allows customers to use it whenever they need it. This is one of the comprehensive solutions that we want to bring to our customers. Here are some in-depth solutions that you can refer to:

  • Carpet cleaning, office chair cleaning, sofa
  • Care, maintenance, polishing, polishing, polishing of natural stone (Marble, Granite); tile floor, stone floor, concrete, cement, vinyl floor,….
  • Cutting service; rework new generation epoxy grout to help with waterproofing; anti-dust
  • Services to clean glass, alu, signs … outside, overhead of the office.
  • Disinfection service to prevent infection of respiratory diseases with chemicals imported from Switzerland
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3. Why should you use office janitorial services?

3.1. Higher cleaning standards

Office cleaning companies are always doing a great job. Remember, their company’s reputation will suffer if they perform poorly. As such, these companies consistently outperform conventional cleaners at their job.

In addition, these companies have extensive experience in the cleaning sector. Most cleaning companies have perfected their craft. They can provide you with emergency service, faster than your average janitor.

3.2. Possibility

Office janitorial services are available year round. Unlike employees who do not work on holidays, sick days. While they certainly have a right to a break, your property can’t be left dirty for even a day.

Cleaning companies have replacement crews as a precaution. So you never have to worry about your office getting dirty.

Dịch vụ tạp vụ văn phòng - Luôn có nhân viên tạp vụ thay thế
Image: There is always a replacement office janitor

3.3. Cost-effective

Cleaning costs can spiral out of control without the right people. Remember that you have to buy cleaning equipment and cleaners on a regular basis. You also have to pay the cleaning staff weekly or monthly.

Add all of this up, and you could end up spending a lot just to have a clean office. You also do not need to hire human resources for staff recruitment.

Plus, cleaning companies get a lot of work done in less time. Meaning you have less downtime during cleanup operations. Downtime during this cleanup hinders your company’s productivity.

3.4. Services can be tailored to fit your budget

You don’t have to have a huge turnover to hire professional office janitorial services. You can get the right services for the money you intend to spend. Of course, you will have to miss out on a few extra services, but overall, you will have a clean office.

These companies can scale and downsize their services to fit your company’s needs. Even if you own large office complexes, office cleaning companies will meet the task.

Có thể điều chỉnh các gói dịch vụ phù hợp với ngân sách của bạn
Image: The service packages can be tailored to your budget

3.5. Flexibility

You will decide when and where your cleaning company should clean. By adjusting the frequency of cleaning, you can reduce cleaning costs quite significantly. That said, don’t cut the frequency too much as your business premises needs to be clean all the time.

In case you need more cleaning staff, there is no need to hire more people. A simple phone call is enough, and the company will gladly serve your needs.

3.6. Enhance company image

There is an atmosphere of professionalism that surrounds office cleaning companies. These companies are more professional and have professional outlook.

Potential customers or investors see potential cleaners as the company’s commitment to professionalism. Plus these companies’ high standards of cleanliness, your business space will look more professional than ever

Hình ảnh văn phòng, công ty được nâng cao
Image: The image of the office and company is enhanced

3.7. Integration with other maintenance activities

Some companies that provide office janitorial services will have a variety of other services. You can avail these services whenever you need. These services include specialized industrial cleaning services such as: glass cleaning service, carpet cleaning, office chair cleaning, polishing and polishing service for hard floors,… And many other services. that you are interested in.

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4. Types of office janitorial services

Daily office cleaning: With this service package, you will be provided with janitor staff; The quantity can depend on your need. Employees will work for 8 hours a day, throughout the days your office works. Attached to the daily office cleaning service package, you will be provided with an additional package of tools, equipment, and specialized cleaning chemicals at the most favorable price.

Hourly office cleaning: With this form, janitor staff work according to a certain time frame; but still make sure the spaces are always cleaned. Using hourly office cleaning services helps you save money on unnecessary things. With this form, you will still receive a package of specialized tools, chemicals, and cleaning equipment. This is a new, more flexible form of grocery delivery than daily grocery service; especially in line with the development trend of society.

 Cung cấp tạp vụ văn phòng theo giờ và hàng ngày
Image: Provide office janitorial services by the hour and daily

With these two forms, you also receive packages of specialized industrial cleaning services at the most favorable prices. These are additional support jobs for office janitorial services; Make sure your office is always clean and tidy.

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5. Quotation for office janitorial services

Refer to TKT Maids’ office janitorial service quote, you will have an estimated budget for the services you want to use.

hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
3 hours/day – 3 days/week3 hours/day – 6 days/week4 hours/day – 3 days/week4 hours/day – 6 days/week
71,000 VND/hour62,000 VND/hour68,000 VND/hour59,000 VND/hour
Monthly fee: 2.769.000 VNDMonthly fee: 5.022.000 VNDMonthly fee: 3.536.000 VNDMonthly fee: 6.372.000 VND
Fees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Vacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Single floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/month
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6. Request a free consultation, quotation, survey service

Please leave information for us, staff will contact you for free consultation, quotation and service survey!

7. The process of providing office janitorial services

The process of providing janitorial services
Image: The process of providing janitorial services

Step 1 – Receive information

  • Customers requesting services and TKT Maids
  • Receive preliminary information from customers about job requirements, time and location.

Step 2 – Survey – Quotation

  • Supervisor receiving customer information
  • Contact to schedule an actual project survey
  • Service quotation for customers

Step 3 – Sign the contract

  • TKT Maids sends quotes, sample contracts and negotiates with customers on prices and contracts.
  • After agreeing, the two parties sign the contract and confirm the implementation date.

Step 4 – Deployment

  • TKT Maids deploys staff, chemicals, and equipment to perform services at the construction site in the presence of supervisors.
  • Supervisor until the construction is really stable.

Step 5 – Customer care

  • Supervisor the customer care area periodically as required
  • General supervision of customer care by appointment
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8. Related questions

Question 1: In what forms is the office housekeeping service provided?

👉 Answer: Currently, due to the needs of customers about office cleaning services, we deploy in two basic forms as follows:

  • Daily office janitor
  • Hourly janitor

Depending on your cleaning needs and desires, you have different needs to use different forms; Regardless of any service package, the cleaning and cleaning jobs are still guaranteed. You can contact the hotline: for more advice!

❓ Question 2: How to use your office janitorial service?

👉 Answer: It’s simple, you just need to leave your information to us, the staff will contact you as soon as possible! Or you can contact us via hotline, staff will advise and assist you with detailed information about the services you are interested in.

In addition, you can also send an email, or go directly to our company address to exchange more detailed information!

Question 3: Do you support tools and sanitary equipment?

👉 Answer: Yes you! In addition to providing office cleaning services, we also provide packages of tools, chemicals and cleaning equipment at a favorable cost. In addition to supporting chemicals and equipment; We also offer additional cleaning services at the most competitive prices in the market.

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9. Video about TKT Maids’ office janitorial service

9.1. Video introducing the service of TKT Maids

🎬 Video 1: Introducing details of TKT Maids’ janitorial services

9.2. Video introducing TKT Maids office janitorial service

🎬 Video 2: Introducing TKT Maids office janitorial services

10. Maybe you are interested in other services

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11. Request a consultation

Please leave your information for us, staff will contact you to advise and support services for you! 👇👇👇

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