Office Maids / Cleaners / Housekeeping

Provide daily / hourly maids (cleaners, housekeeping) for office buildings, companies, commercial areas, apartments, factories, workshops, warehouses. Flexible - Economical - Professional.

Restaurant maids, washing dishes

Provide maids / cleaner for kitchen, restaurant, hotel, school, shops. The new solution is more efficient, more economical, no longer worries about employees leaving unexpected.

General cleaning services for houses, offices, factories, warehouse. Post-construction cleaning, newly built, in use. Periodic cleaning and maintenance. Scrubbing, polishing floors, washing: carpets, chairs, mattresses, blinds, partitions.

Event cleaning service

Provide cleaning staff or all-in-one service for large, high-end, outdoor events... such as exhibition events, music, sports, product activation, promotions. Professional solutions for event organizers of all sizes.

Our mission

Becoming a leading company providing comprehensive solutions on providing housekeeping / maids / cleaner for office, building, factory with the Flexible Solutions - Saving - All in one.

With us, there will be more time for your every day.

TKT Maids - The Best Maids Service


More than 500 Maids / Cleaners are working on hundreds of projects. Description: honest, friendly and devoted.



% Customers are satisfied with the quality of services and products provided by TKT Maids (98-100% are satisfied).

Cost saving


% Cost savings compared to self-hiring maids / housekeeping, cleaner daily or hourly, to other services.


Over 10 years of experience in maids providing, cleaning service, TKT Maids has satisfied more than 5,000 Clients.

Providing housekeeping / maids / cleaners

Maids: Daily or hourly maids service  helps your business reduce costs by 30-80% including: recruitment costs, labor costs, training costs , management costs. Experienced or trained maids to do the following task: Clean office; Understand and comply with regulations on fire safety, first aid for victims, rescue, rescue in emergency situations; Other special skills as required: tea lady, buying and selling company products, photo documents, preliminary processing, cooking ... Personality: discipline, honesty, dedication.

Cleaners: services that provide cleaners for  companies, buildings, apartments, commercial areas, hospitals, schools... keep cleaned and excited working environment for customers. TKT Cleaner are trained: using sanitary chemical equipment: floor mops, wiper, dust pushers, water extractor, trolley, cleaning chemicals for floor, toilet, glass... cleaning process; Personality: Discipline, honesty, dedication.

dịch vụ cung cấp tạp vụ văn phòng, công ty
Hình ảnh: dịch vụ cung cấp tạp vụ văn phòng, công ty

Details of services related to housekeeping / cleaner / maids providing:

Commercial Cleaning Service

The most comprehensive (all-in-one) and professional cleaning service for houses, offices, factories, industries:

  • Housing cleaning: after construction; periodically; Sanitize household furniture (washing carpets, scrubbing floors, cleaning glass doors inside the house, mop of rope swings, wooden cabinets, enameled surfaces, wooden surfaces, etc.).
  • Office cleaning: after construction; periodically; Cleaning office equipment (carpet cleaning service, cleaning services inside and outside the building, polishing all kinds of stone floors, polishing stone floors, washing office chairs, washing curtain ...).
  • Industrial cleaning: Factory, warehouse cleaning service; Provide cleaners for Hospital; Schools; Supermarket; Trading centers; Buildings, offices; Airport...
dịch vụ vệ sinh công nghiệp TKT Maids
Hình ảnh: dịch vụ vệ sinh công nghiệp TKT Maids

The detail of commercial cleaning services

Details of all-in-one cleaning (general cleaning) services include:

Our philosophy

With the philosophy of bringing an comfortable and simple life for each individual, each family, every office in Vietnam, TKT Maids with a dedication is trying its best to improve the Prestige and Professional in providing service.

The Board of Directors and all employees of TKT Maids are constantly improving to improve the structure, organization and business areas to bring "COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS - FLEXIBILITY - SAVINGS" to optimize Time, Money of Customer.

TKT Maids is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services at the most competitive prices on the market.

When you need the Maids, Cleaning Service - Think about our service!

TKT Maids, The Best Maids Service