With the continuous development of society, companies and offices appear more and more, the demand for daily office janitor services also increases. Depending on each different business, there will be different needs for cleaning and cleaning staff.

But most large-scale businesses with fixed operations will often use the daily office janitor services 8 hours a day (daily), or call the office cleaning service during office hours to ensure the job is done properly. fully implemented and the office is always clean and tidy throughout a long working day.

You should distinguish 2 types of housekeeping services:

  • Daily janitors (8h, daily, office hours)
  • Hourly janitors (2-6 hours/day, 2-5 sessions a week)

Are you looking for companies that provide daily office janitor services (daily, 8am) in Ho Chi Minh City? Are you wondering which company in Ho Chi Minh City has the best reputation, quality and best price? Let’s find out with us.

1. Introducing the new daily office janitor services

Comprehensive TKT Maids DAILY OFFICE JANITOR What is New? What’s new? What’s the advantage?

With daily company services (8h, daily, package, office hours) to help the company; office; your business is taken care of every day; hourly; Monthly; Quarterly; years professionally, carefully, meticulously, flexibly and economically.

Besides providing professional janitor staff (8 hours/day, daily, administrative). TKT Maids also provides intensive care solutions plus the cheapest prices in the market, giving customers a discount of 10-15%. Customers can choose flexibly.

What do intensive office cleaning care solutions include?

Image: Intensive industrial cleaning services for the office
  • Wash the carpet; washing chairs; curtain washing; washing office partitions with the most advanced technology today is only available at TKT Maids.
  • Care; maintenance; rehibilitate; gloss coating; polishing natural stone floors (Marble, Granite); tile floor (glaze, glass shade); artificial stone; cement floor; concrete; Terrazzo flooring; Granite; Vinyl Flooring; Anti-static Vinyl Flooring ESD… according to professional processes and chemicals, international standards.
  • Cutting service; rework new generation epoxy grout for waterproofing; Anti-dust helps bring the best beauty and health to the office and company.
  • Cleaning service for glass, alu, signs… outside, overhead of the office.
  • Waterproof silicone shot service for the office.
  • Disinfection service to prevent respiratory infections with a new generation of non-toxic chemicals; non-corrosive; EcoLabel, Green certificates according to Swiss technology. Unique and only available at TKT Maids.

With a comprehensive office cleaning service during office hours; this versatile and completely new; TKT Maids will take good care of your office, company, and business; most economical and perfect.

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2. Why Choose TKT Maids Daily Office Janitor Services

TKT Maids is currently providing more than 200 office and corporate customers each year for the past 10 years. These are the reasons why customers have chosen TKT Maids’ daily office janitor services:

  • Comprehensive service: TKT Maids not only provides personnel, but also provides chemicals, tools, equipment and additional public services in a professional, perfect and excellent manner.
  • Flexible and economical service packages: TKT Maids provides a very flexible service service according to specific requirements. You can even do housekeeping and cleaning by the hour to optimize costs for customers.
  • Experience: Over 10 years of providing daily housekeeping services in Ho Chi Minh City, TKT Maids has accumulated a wealth of experience to satisfy the most detailed requirements of customers.
  • Good customer care: The project supervisors, area supervisors, general supervisors, customer care call centers have periodic customer care schedules for each project, ensuring the most timely resolution of all problems. incurred.
  • Service price is always good: TKT Maids does not offer the cheapest service, but you will get the service with always the best, competitive and high quality value for money.
  • Continuous improvement: Always moving forward and not being satisfied with what is. TKT Maids continuously tests and applies the world’s advanced cleaning chemicals and processes to Vietnam to optimize benefits for customers.

Maybe you want to know more about TKT Maids’ daily job and persona?

✨ Qualities of daily housekeeping staff
  • Personality: disciplined, honest, dedicated, friendly.
  • Able to clean and clean the company: take care of the outdoor areas, basement area, ground floor, working rooms of the building, toilets.
  • Know how to use the company’s cleaning chemical equipment: floor mop, wiper, dust pusher, water extractor, trolley, floor cleaning chemical, toilet cleaning chemical, glass cleaning chemical. …
  • Understand and follow cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • There are other special skills on request: making tea, buying and selling stationery, photocopying documents, preliminary processing, cooking…
TKT Maids daily office janitor services
Image: TKT Maids daily office janitor services
✨ Daily work items of office janitors

The daily tasks according to the cleaning staff job description are to use simple cleaning equipment to sweep, mop, pick up trash, wash areas

👉 Corridor cleaning:

  • Dust and mop the floor
  • Wipe away the dust of decorative items or pictures on the wall
  • Check regularly to make sure the hallway is always bright and shiny
  • Sweep spider webs
  • Dust the walls, clean the baseboards

👉 Office cleaning:

Garbage collection at each desk
Wipe desks, office equipment
Sweep and mop the floor
Sweep spider webs
Clean the glass when there are stains appear
Wipe the handles and handles at the doors.

Daily ofice janitors services (8 hours, Daily) make tea and water
Image: Daily ofice janitors services (8 hours, Daily) make tea and water

In addition, janitor staff will use modern cleaning machines such as industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, pressure washers, blowers to dry the shells… to clean stone floors, carpets, etc. chairs, glass, floors… and get them done during office hours.

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3. Price list for daily office janitor supplies

The office cleaning price list will usually be quoted according to the number of housekeepers and usually includes the cost of doing basic periodic cleaning tasks, basic chemicals, but does not include:

  • The periodic cleaning items are difficult, plus additional according to individual requirements.
  • Special machinery and equipment (vacuum cleaner, carpet washing machine, floor scrubber…)
  • Excluding costs for holidays and events.
  • Does not include toilet paper, hand sanitizer.
  • Not include VAT.

👉 The price of daily office cleaning service is 8 hours (daily) including working from Monday to Friday (or 7) Sunday and public holidays, about 24-26 days/month.

👉 Currently, the daily office cleaning price depends on the number of employees/projects:
hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
3 hours/day – 3 days/week3 hours/day – 6 days/week4 hours/day – 3 days/week4 hours/day – 6 days/week
71,000 VND/hour62,000 VND/hour68,000 VND/hour59,000 VND/hour
Monthly fee: 2.769.000 VNDMonthly fee: 5.022.000 VNDMonthly fee: 3.536.000 VNDMonthly fee: 6.372.000 VND
Fees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Vacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Single floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/month

The above price list is for reference only, better and cheaper quotation; More accuracy will be available after the actual survey at the construction site and the accompanying terms.

dịch vụ vệ sinh công ty, văn phòng định kỳ
Image: Periodic cleaning services for companies and offices

Please contact us for details as well as to receive an accurate consultation, survey and quote

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4. Request a consultation, quote, survey

With just the basic steps, you have successfully registered the information, we will contact you as soon as possible!

5. The process of providing daily office janitor services

The process of performing daily office janitor servicse is carried out according to the following 5-step process:

The process of providing janitorial services
Image: The process of providing janitor services

Step 1 – Receive information

  • Customers request services and TKT Maids receives preliminary information from customers about job requirements, time and location. TKT Maids can send preliminary service quotes (for reference) to Customers.
  • Time: within the day of receiving the information
  • Cost: 100% free

Step 2 – Survey – Quotation

  • TKT Maids conducted the actual survey at the construction site, agreed on the work.
  • Time: within the day of quotation
  • Cost: 100% free

Step 3 – Sign the contract

  • TKT Maids sends quotes, sample contracts and negotiates with customers on prices and contracts. After agreeing, the two parties sign the contract and confirm the implementation date.
  • Time: 1 day since both parties confirm
  • Cost: 100% free

Step 4 – Deployment

  • TKT Maids deploys staff, chemicals, and equipment to perform services at the construction site in the presence of supervisors. Monitor until the construction is really stable.
  • Time: monitoring according to the project at least 1 day
  • Cost: customers pay monthly service fee according to signed contract.

Step 5 – Customer care

  • Monitor the customer care area periodically as required
  • General supervision of customer care by appointment

Please let TKT Maids Daily Office Cleaning Service accompany your business!

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6. Customers evaluate TKT Maids’ 8 hours office cleaning services

✨ If you have any comments about our service, please leave a review through the form below!

💞 We are very happy to hear your sincere suggestions to improve our service 💞

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7. Office cleaning service promotion program

💦 More exciting things about TKT Maids cleaning services’ promotions, knowledge and tips… 👇👇👇

👉 TKT Maids always has promotions to show gratitude to customers who use office cleaning services regularly:

💲 5% off → For first time customers

💲💲 10% off → For customers to use 2nd time

💲💲💲 Discount 15% → For customers to use quarterly

💲💲💲💲 20% off → For customers to use monthly

🔔 And many promotions, events are updated monthly at Fanpage, Gmappage and Landingpage of TKT Maids. Don’t miss it here:

  1. ❤️ Fanpagehttps://www.facebook.com/tapvuvanphongtphcm/
  2. ❤️ Gmappage: https://g.page/TKTMaids?share
  3. ❤️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TKTMaids/
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8. Related questions

❓ Question 1: What does the office cleaning service do?

👉 Answer: Office cleaning service usually uses simple cleaning equipment to sweep, wipe, pick up, trash, wash areas such as: building exteriors, basements, ground floors, and floors of the building. homes and offices. In addition, modern cleaning machines such as industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, pressure washers, blowers, etc., are also used to clean stone floors, carpets, chairs, glass, and floors. .

❓ Question 2: How to recruit corporate housekeeping staff in Ho Chi Minh City?

👉 Answer: In Ho Chi Minh City – a busy city, there are many office buildings and companies, so office cleaning services are very popular, the demand for recruiting office cleaning services will increase, so don’t worry about it! TKT Maids we always welcome you to join our family. Don’t hesitate to apply now!

❓ Question 3: Compared with daily office cleaning services, what are the advantages or disadvantages of hourly office cleaning services?

👉 Answer: This problem will depend on your feelings and thoughts, if you are young, have abundant energy, healthy or you have a lot of free time, you should choose a daily job to have a high income. . For those of you who have little time, like students who work part-time, those who are a bit older can choose hourly work. The purpose of the hourly job is to help you solve the problem of employment and it is very suitable with the development trend of society.

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9. Some videos about TKT Maids’ daily janitor service

9.1. Video introducing details of TKT Maids services

🎬 Video 1: Introducing the TKT Maids janitor service

9.2. Video introducing daily office janitor services

🎬 Video 2: Introducing TKT Maids’ daily office janitor service

10. See more services of TKT Maids

10.1. Video introducing clinic janitor services

🎬 Video 3: Introducing the clinic janitorial services

10.2. Video introducing school janitor services

🎬 Video 4: Introducing the school janitorial services

10.3. Video introducing beauty salon janitor services

🎬 Video 5: Introducing the beauty salon janitorial service

10.4. Video introducing gym janitor services

🎬 Video 6: Introducing the gym, yoga janitorial services

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