Find out about Professional office cleaning services ✔️ Modern ✔️ Prestige ✔️ Quality in 2024.

With the desire to support maximum cleaning work, clean the office thoroughly; skilled staff to ensure work quality and efficiency; give you peace of mind and work in the most comfortable and clean environment.

1. Introduction of office cleaning services

A clean and beautiful office is paramount to show the professionalism, elegance and modernity of any company or office. And most importantly, a clean and tidy working environment will bring creativity to dynamic employees.

Is your office or company really clean and beautiful? Do you need a different office cleaning service?
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Image: Office janitorial services TKT Maids

There are many office cleaning services, but with the professionalism of TKT MAIDS company, we are sure you will see the difference. With all our in-depth knowledge, experience in industrial hygiene and focus and dedication in each project we participate in, we will give your office the best care.

No matter your office is small, or it is a commercial area with skyscrapers, the cleaning staff of TKT MAIDS can meet all your requirements.

Take a look at these OFFICES, BUILDINGS, and the difference in service offered by TKT MAIDS. Do you want the office, your company is also great. Please let “OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE” TKT MAIDS help you

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2. Office cleaning services package

✨ Comprehensive package
  • Helping you with general cleaning of the entire office, company: post-construction cleaning, general cleaning to prepare for important events (opening, shareholder meeting, showroom exhibition, holidays, etc.) year-end summary, office cleaning, …). With this service package, your office and company will be cleaned in a short time (for example: 1 working day, 1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 night) because there are many employees. clean up at the same time.
✨ Recurring package
  • In addition, for offices, companies often need to clean (weekly, monthly, quarterly…) to ensure that the office and company are always luxurious and clean to create an inspiring working environment. Start working for employees, create trust in customers…
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Image: periodic office cleaning services
✨ Flexible packages

Depending on the needs of customers, TKT MAIDS provides special cleaning services including

  • Ceiling: clean dust and cobwebs on the ceiling, clean around the light troughs & items on the ceiling.
  • Walls: clean walls, baseboards, and dirty office spaces.
  • Wooden doors, glass doors & windows inside and outside the office. You can see more glass cleaning services for office and commercial buildings.
  • Stairs, elevators: cleaning & wiping stairs, handrails and fire protection equipment systems.
  • Toilet: sweeping, cleaning sanitary equipment and deodorizing.
  • Flooring: tile, stone, wood…: scrub, bleach, polish all types of floors with suitable chemicals and multi-function scrubber;
  • Office carpet cleaning: washing by specialized machines, deodorizing, deodorizing.
  • Office supplies: laundry salon, office chair, mattress (Kymdan)
  • Clean office air.
  • Cleaning specialized office equipment: copiers, computers, scanners…
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Image: office glass cleaning services – TKT Maids
✨ Daily, hourly packages
  • Depending on the needs of customers, TKT MAIDS provides daily cleaning services; provide cleaning staff; hourly office chores; Daily office cleaning (office cleaning 8 hours, 24 days/month)
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3. Introducing the new hourly office cleaning service

TKT Maids is the first and most professional hourly office cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City. Previously, office cleaning companies only worked all day, but were not flexible in terms of hours because it was difficult to manage and low profits.

Currently, many customers of TKT MAIDS have a need to rent office cleaning services by the hour: chain restaurants, hotels, commercial areas, supermarkets, banks, small and medium-sized companies… Why is that? ?

cung cấp nhân viên vệ sinh văn phòng theo giờ TKT Maids
Hình ảnh: cung cấp nhân viên vệ sinh văn phòng theo giờ TKT Maids

Benefits of customers using hourly office cleaning:

  • Very suitable for companies, restaurants, hotels… do not have the need to recruit office janitors 8 hours/day. Office cleaning costs are reduced by 30-80%.
  • No management and training costs for office cleaning staff.
  • No need to worry about office chores. Because TKT MAIDS gives an immediate replacement if the janitor is on sick leave, on leave.
  • No need to worry about buying chemicals, tools and sanitary equipment because TKT MAIDS takes care of customers comprehensively.
  • Enjoy other full-service corporate cleaning services of TKT MAIDS with preferential cost and quick time.

This is a new trend that is more economical, more professional. The hourly office cleaning service of TKT MAIDS is looking forward to serving you.

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4. Why did you choose to clean the office of TKT MAIDS?

Why do thousands of office customers in HCM choose TKT Maids?

👉 Flexible: TKT Maids’ HCM office cleaning service meets almost all needs from general, periodic, daily, hourly that few companies and offices in Ho Chi Minh City can meet. .

👉 Professional: With nearly 10 years of service in the industrial hygiene industry, since 2010. TKT maids has determined the need to invest to serve the most Professional and Prestigious customers.

👉 Competitive Price: Optimizing price in all administrative activities, how to perform office cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City, TKT Maids offers the most competitive prices to Customers. Customer’s interests are the driving force of TKT Maids.

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Image: Janitorial services – office cleaning

Please refer to the preliminary quotation of office cleaning services of TKT Maids.

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5. Request 100% free consultation, survey and quote

✨ If you are interested in the services of TKT Maids, please contact us immediately for advice and support with quotes and to schedule a survey!

6. Process of cleaning company and office

Step 1: Survey and quotation

The supervisor of TKT MAIDS will come to the site to conduct a field survey of the current sanitary condition of the office. Clearly define customer requirements. Giving advice to customers to choose the BEST OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE with the BEST PRICE.

Step 2: Perform the service

The supervisor of TKT MAIDS will bring the cleaning staff of TKT MAIDS to the site, perform the cleaning service according to the jobs agreed with the Customer in the quotation.

In all matters arising in the course of service performance, the Client works directly with the Supervisor of TKT MAIDS. In case it cannot be solved, customers can call TKT MAIDS company, at Hotline: 028.66.830.931.

Step 3: Acceptance of the project

Customers check and accept service quality: hygiene quality, service quality of TKT MAIDS staff after construction, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Step 4: Pay the service fee

Customers can choose from the following two payment methods:

  • Cash payment: Customer sends cash to TKT MAIDS Supervisor. Sign the receipt of TKT MAIDS. After 2 days, TKT MAIDS resends VAT invoices to customers by post
  • Transfer payment: customers transfer money to TKT MAIDS. After 2 days, TKT MAIDS will send VAT invoices back to customers by post.
hotline 02866830931
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7. Customers rate office cleaning service TKT Maids

🌺 Please leave your comments for us to improve our services!


8. Some questions arise

✨ Question 1: What office cleaning service packages do you have?

👉 Answer: For cleaning and office cleaning issues; TKT Maids deploys in many different forms; Timely response to the needs of customers. Currently, TKT Maids has the following service packages:

  • Flexible package: Provide cleaning items according to customer needs
  • Comprehensive or recurring package
  • Daily, hourly packages

To know more about each service package, you can refer to our above article; or contact the hotline: – 028.66.830.931 for the fastest advice and information support!

✨ Question 2: What is the price of the periodic office cleaning service package?

👉 Answer: For regular office cleaning services, TKT Maids calculates the price based on the area to be cleaned, ranging from 15,000 – 35,000 VND/m2; the job list provided by TKT Maids, if customers have other in-depth requirements, they can clearly state them to us; For further support and quotation, such as: carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, office chair cleaning, floor scrubbing, floor polishing,…

✨ Question 3: Which form of office cleaning is hourly and daily?

👉 Answer: In general, depending on each different office, customers can choose hourly or daily forms; Can’t conclude which is better. If your office is small and needs to be cleaned and sanitized not too much, you can choose hourly forms to save time and costs. As for the big, busy offices; They want to be cared for and cleaned regularly, so the daily cleaning service is especially suitable for them.

If you still haven’t found the right solutions for your workspace. Call TKT Maids and we will advise and offer the most appropriate solution for you.

✨ Question 4: Our office is in Dong Nai, do you provide office cleaning services?

👉 Answer: Currently, TKT Maids deploys office cleaning services in all areas in Ho Chi Minh City; All cleaning service packages are included. Particularly in neighboring provinces; currently, TKT Maids only provides flexible, periodic and all-inclusive service packages; As for the daily package, we have not applied it yet! If you are in need of a total cleaning of your office or any other space; Contact us now!

9. TKT Maids’ office cleaning videos

9.1. Video introducing professional cleaning services

🎬 Video 1: Introduction of professional general cleaning service

9.2. Video introducing office cleaning services

🎬 Video 2: Introducing office cleaning services

10. You may be interested in other cleaning services of TKT Maids

10.1. Video introducing industrial cleaning services

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10.2. Video introducing comprehensive disinfection services

🎬 Video 4: Introduction of office disinfection services

10.3. Video introducing house cleaning services

🎬 Video 5: Introducing house cleaning service

10.4. Video introducing event cleaning services

🎬 Video 6: Introducing event cleaning service

11. Request a consultation

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