Nowadays, perhaps industrial cleaning services for offices, companies, factories, houses;… are no longer strange to those who are interested and pay attention to cleaning services, necessary cleaning. In big cities, typically Ho Chi Minh City with the strong development of economies; that businesses have needs as well as care about hygiene in all nooks and crannies; work area is obvious.

Based on that, more and more industrial cleaning services were born to fully meet the needs of customers. TKT Maids is a company providing cleaning services; Leading magazine in Ho Chi Minh City with Professionalism – Prestige – Quality.

1. What is industrial cleaning?

1.1. History of the sanitary industry

Industrial cleaning was introduced into Vietnam during the French colonial period, when luxury hotels and restaurants were built. In 1888, the first hotel in Saigon Continental and then 1901. When the French built the first 5-star hotel Hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. They started training in house keeping. At that time, it required scientific cleaning, with the use of modern equipment at that time. Gradually, Vietnamese people began to be house keeping and the industrial hygiene industry shaped and born.

Hình ảnh minh họa: lịch sử của ngành vệ sinh công nghiệp
Illustration: the history of industrial cleaning

Along with the economic development of the country, after two wars. Especially after the economic opening in 1986, the industrial hygiene industry has made strong development steps.

Currently, the industrial cleaning industry is increasingly asserting its role in the service industry. Diverse service packages, modern equipment, environmentally friendly chemicals… and especially today, many businesses invest in the field of sanitation. Bring a lot of benefits to the face and landscape; the beauty of Vietnam in the doi moi period.

1.2. Cleaning industry concept

What is industrial cleaning? As a cleaning service for houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial areas, hospitals, schools… It is necessary to use specialized chemicals and specific sanitary equipment. Cleans quickly with a large area and dislodges difficult stains that ordinary daily cleaning cannot solve. Return the building to its original newness; make the scene beautiful, bright, clean and fresh. Industrial hygiene is a combination of human hands and human knowledge in cleaning.

When should industrial cleaning?

  • When you need to clean a newly built building;
  • Periodic general cleaning to prepare for important events of the project: inauguration, grand opening, quarterly review, year-end review, customer reception, fairs, exhibitions…;
  • Maintenance, interior and exterior maintenance of buildings, offices: tile floors, stone floors, walls, glass doors, windows, carpets, chairs, mattresses…

What does industrial cleaning include?:

  • General cleaning of the entire building; clean the inner glass; or the service of cleaning the exterior glass of the whole house (if any) accompanied by the cleaning of the items; item; interior of the building (if any) such as: washing chairs, washing mattresses, washing carpets,
  • Scrub tile floors; scrub stone floors; maintenance; marble polishing (marble); polished Granite (granite); polishing brick ship…
  • Provide specialized cleaning staff to maintain the quality of hygiene at the construction site: the building; building; schools; hospital; downtown; building; supermarket; restaurant; hotel…
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2. Introduction of TKT MAIDS service

TKT MAIDS is a leading cleaning service provider in Ho Chi Minh City with comprehensive solutions including: performing cleaning services; supply and supply sanitary equipment; supply of cleaning chemicals; provide cleaning staff; provides hygienic processes and solutions.

dịch vụ vệ sinh công nghiệp TKT Maids
Illustration: industrial cleaning services TKT Maids

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3. Machines, equipment and chemicals used in industrial cleaning

Sanitary equipment: vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber, pressure washer, blower…

Cleaning tools: glass swing tool, glass cleaning tool, 1-compartment water extractor, 2-compartment water extractor, room car, dust pusher, water pusher…

Cleaning chemicals: IMEC cleaning chemicals (Italy), Dymachem cleaning chemicals (UK): TKT MAIDS chemicals provide a variety of products including: chemicals for daily cleaning, chemicals for routine cleaning period, chemicals for specific cleaning tasks … applicable to families, offices, companies, restaurants, hotels, commercial areas, factories, factories, production workshops….

  • Chemical floor loading, stone floor coating, wood floor coating, stone maintenance, floor cleaning chemical.
  • Degreasing in industrial zones, car washing.
  • Multipurpose cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaning toilets, cleaning public areas, kitchen parts, deodorizing, disinfecting and deodorizing.
  • Laundry chemicals, spot removers, carpet cleaners, deodorizers.
  • Chemical polishing wood, metal, leather.
Máy móc, thiết bị vệ sinh công nghiệp
Image: Industrial cleaning machinery and equipment

To see the variety and prices of machines, visit the best Online Shop for machinery and chemicals:

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4. Request 100% free consultation, survey and quote

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5. Frequently asked questions

❓ Question 1: What do industrial cleaning services usually include?

👉 Answer: About industrial cleaning services TKT Maids provides the following services:

  • General cleaning service after construction
  • House cleaning service
  • Office cleaning service
  • Restaurant cleaning services, chain stores.
  • Factory cleaning service
  • Carpet, chair, office sofa cleaning service
  • Curtain and mattress cleaning service
  • Glass cleaning service, cleaning alu, billboards, ..
  • Floor scrubbing service, polishing concrete, stone,…

And there are many other cleaning services, above are some basic services that TKT Maids customers prefer to use.

❓ Question 2: Are the costs for cleaning services high?

👉 Answer: Depending on the nature of the job as well as the area and the amount of work to be done, the cost will be different. However, the price will fluctuate at a very low level. For TKT Maids, the cost per service:

  • House cleaning: only from 20,000 VND/m2
  • Office cleaning: 15,000 VND/m2
  • Factory cleaning: 10,000 VND/m2
  • Carpet cleaning: 5,000 VND/m2; Chairs: 6,000 VND/piece; Sofa: 70,000 VND/piece (250,000 VND/set)
  • Glass cleaning service: 10,000 VND/m2
  • Polishing service: Contact us for the most reasonable survey and quote (due to the different nature of each stone)
❓ Question 3: Why was industrial cleaning service born?

👉 Answer: Due to the high demand for hygiene issues of businesses, companies and offices in cities. On the other hand, they did not have time to implement, interested in these issues, industrial cleaning service was born, meeting all the needs and desires of customers. Professional cleaning services, helping them to clean the works as a whole, reduce a significant number of costs.

❓ Question 4: What is the demand for industrial hygiene?

👉 Answer: Increasing day by day and in the near future it will become a service that any company, office or enterprise needs. Because hygiene is a top priority in all areas, even the smallest.

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6. Customers evaluate the service TKT Maids

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7. Video about industrial cleaning services of TKT Maids

7.1. Video introducing industrial cleaning services

🎬 Video 1: Introducing industrial cleaning services

7.2. Video introducing building glass cleaning services

🎬 Video 2: Introducing building glass cleaning services

7.3. Video introducing carpet cleaning services

🎬 Video 3: Introducing office carpet cleaning services

7.4. Video introducing the service of washing chairs and sofas

🎬 Video 4: Introducing the sofa and chair cleaning services

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