Janitorial service in Ho Chi Minh City with Professionalism ✔️ Modern ✔️ Prestige ✔️ Quality ✔️ In particular, meeting the needs and taking care of the space in the most comprehensive way.

Janitor are not only those who undertake cleaning tasks, their duties will bring the following benefits:

  • Take care of the workspace, clean and arrange it in the most professional way
  • Create a comfortable working space, help employees work effectively, promote labor productivity thoroughly
  • Professional work experience, does not affect the main work of your establishment
  • Make a good impression on your employees as well as the partners and customers who are working with you

From the benefits that janitor brings; You can see the importance of janitor in any workspace. Are you looking to hire a cleaning service for 8 hours/day or rent by the economical hour in Ho Chi Minh City? You do not know any good and reputable janitorial services? Which janitorial services is cheap? The next article we will find out together. Remember to refer!

1. Outsourced Janitorial Service – modern social trend

Currently, businesses (including large enterprises) often hire outside service workers to save on recruitment costs, personnel management, training costs, labor costs, salaries, insurance… This form of out-sourcing (outsourcing) is very popular and is becoming an inevitable trend of professionalization; reduce costs to focus on key business segments.

Currently, companies and businesses often use outside janitorial services, including:

  • Commercial area: commercial center, retail agent point, bank, supermarket.
  • Food business area: restaurants, hotels, eateries, cafes.
  • Entertainment area: cinema, park, bar, karaoke.
  • Education area: school, foreign language center, cultural house
Vacuuming office carpets
Image: Vacuuming office carpets
Benefits of professional office cleaning services:
  • Reduce costs by 30-80% including: recruitment costs, labor costs, training costs, management costs. Businesses only need to sign a contract with the supplier company. Companies will now take care of salary, bonus, insurance…, training, staff management. Due to the specificity, the supplier companies will ensure well:
    • Education quality.
    • Stability: there is always a replacement in the event of an unscheduled leave of the housekeeper.
    • Guarantee the best salary and bonus for employee management. Enterprises do not have to worry about the issue of asking for salary increases, bonuses on holidays and Tet of employees.
  • Flexible hourly service packages
    • Hourly service is a new form to optimize costs for companies and businesses, especially small and medium-sized companies.
    • If you don’t really need an employee for 8 hours/day, customers can completely request 2-8 hours/day. This is the new trend. Many customers of TKT Maid prioritize using this hourly service.
  • Comprehensive cleaning service
    • The company also provides cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals package. All in one.
    • Usually comes with general cleaning services (sofa cleaning, office chair cleaning, floor scrubbing, inside and outside glass cleaning, overhead glass cleaning, stone floor maintenance, stone floor restoration, carpet cleaning …) to ensure the customer’s company is the best care, the most comprehensive.

2. Introduction of TKT Maids service

TKT Maids is a leading cleaning service company in Ho Chi Minh City. We specialize in providing janitor office and company services in Ho Chi Minh City, especially in District 1, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 7, Binh Thanh, Go Vap, Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh, Binh Tan, Thu Duc City

TKT Maids is currently providing more than 200 regular customers each year, with extremely flexible and economical janitor packages. You can choose the package that best suits you including:

  • Daily, hourly, daily janitor
  • Daily janitor 8 hours/day, whole month 24-31 days
  • Corporate janitor by chain
  • Periodic intensive office cleaning package: month, quarter, year
  • Comprehensive office and company cleaning package = Hourly or daily cleaning + Periodic intensive cleaning (monthly, quarterly, annually)

With this comprehensive, flexible and brand new service, your company and office will receive the best care, the most economical and the most perfect.

Janitor are all well-trained in cleaning knowledge
Image: Janitor are all well-trained in cleaning knowledge

2.1. Office janitorial service staff

Office cleaners have experience or are trained to do the following:

  • Cleaning the company: take care of the outdoor area, the basement, the ground floor, the office of the building, the toilet.
  • Using the company’s chemical cleaning equipment: floor mop, wiper, dust pusher, water extractor, trolley, floor cleaning chemical, toilet cleaning chemical, glass cleaning chemical….
  • Understand and follow cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Understand and comply with regulations on fire prevention and fighting, first aid for victims, rescue and rescue in emergency situations.
  • Other special skills on request: making tea, buying and selling products, photocopying documents, preliminary processing, cooking…
  • Personality: disciplined, honest, devoted.

Price: Please refer to the detailed price list below!

dịch vụ tạp vụ văn phòng TKT Maids
Image: TKT Maids office janitor service

2.2. Categories of daily cleaning tasks of janitor staff

Daily tasks that use simple cleaning tools to sweep, mop, pick up trash, and wash include:

  • Exterior area of ​​the building: sidewalk, yard area, bonsai campus, surrounding perimeter, driveway, parking.
  • Building basement area: entrance, garage, toilet, garbage house, warehouse.
  • Ground floor area of ​​the building: main entrance, reception desk, living room, hall, elevator area, toilet.
  • Area of ​​building floors: stairs, corridors, hallways, elevator stairs, toilets.
  • Area of ​​working rooms: doors, walls, internal roads, boss desks, staff desks, file cabinets…

3. Quotation janitor service

3.1. Hourly janitor service quotation

TKT Maids would like to send a quote for office cleaning services by the hour, 8 hours/day according to the table below. The cheapest grocery price is only from 35,000 VND/hour.

Determine your janitorial service need by hours/day, days/week, and look up the following detailed janitorial fee quotes:

hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
3 hours/day – 3 days/week3 hours/day – 6 days/week4 hours/day – 3 days/week4 hours/day – 6 days/week
71,000 VND/hour62,000 VND/hour68,000 VND/hour59,000 VND/hour
Monthly fee: 2.769000 VNDMonthly fee: 5.022.000 VNDMonthly fee: 3.536.000 VNDMonthly fee: 6.732.000 VND
Fees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Vacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Single floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/month

3.2. Quotation for daily office cleaning service

Daily office cleaning fee is highly dependent on daily and periodic work items and is usually quoted as a package after survey.

Cheapest grocery service price from only 6,600,000 VND/month

Note: the above price is based on 24 working days, excluding holidays, New Year and other additional services

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4. The process of providing janitorial services

The process of providing cleaning services of TKT Maids is done through the following steps:

The process of providing janitorial services
Image: The process of providing janitorial services
👉 Step 1 – Receive information
  • Customers request services and TKT Maids receives preliminary information from customers about job requirements, time and location. TKT Maids can send preliminary service quotes (for reference) to Customers.
  • Time: within the day of receiving the information
  • Cost: 100% free
👉 Step 2 – Survey – Quotation
  • TKT Maids conducted the actual survey at the construction site, agreed on the work.
  • Time: within the day of quotation
  • Cost: 100% free
👉 Step 3 – Sign the contract
  • TKT Maids sends quotes, sample contracts and negotiates with customers on prices and contracts. After agreeing, the two parties sign the contract and confirm the implementation date.
  • Time: 1 day since both parties confirm
  • Cost: 100% free
👉 Step 4 – Deployment
  • TKT Maids deploys staff, chemicals, and equipment to perform services at the construction site in the presence of supervisors. Monitor until the construction is really stable.
  • Time: supervision according to the project at least 1 day
  • Cost: customers pay monthly service fee according to signed contract.
👉 Step 5 – Customer care
  • Supervisor the customer care area periodically as required
  • General supervision of customer care by appointment

5. Register for free survey, consultation, quotation

With just a few clicks, we will call you back and contact you immediately!

6. Related questions raised

❓ Question 1: What types of housekeeping services are available?

👉 Answer: At TKT Maids, the following services are provided:

  • Daily office janitor
  • Hourly office janitor
  • Restaurant janitor
  • Restaurant dish washing
  • Kitchen, restaurant, school janitor
  • Building janitor
  • Events janitor
  • Clinic janitor
❓ Question 2: What is the janitor’s job?

👉 Answer: A maid, also known as a cleaning staff, is a person who specializes in hygiene-related tasks such as cleaning, cleaning, rearranging papers, washing cups, and bottles. Basic tasks of an office clerk. As for the restaurant cleaning service, it will be divided into different jobs such as washing dishes or kitchen cleaning, each of which will have its own job.

❓ Question 3: What are the benefits of janitorial services?

👉 Answer: The janitor service brings a lot more benefits than you think, firstly helping you to solve the hygiene problem, the second will be solving the problem of finding personnel, one of the two issues that are paid special attention by many companies, offices or restaurants. In general, hiring a janitor will help you save a large amount of money on health insurance, social insurance, bonuses for holidays, Tet,… at the same time, you don’t have to worry about employees quitting. Unexpectedly, no replacement! In short, the janitor only benefits you, not harms you at all!

7. Customers evaluate the service of TKT Maids

💦 Please leave your comments so that we can improve our service quality to serve you better. We appreciate all of your comments.

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