When it comes to work in a restaurant or chain of stores, what factors do you usually think of: Chef, kitchen assistant, food, drink,…; But you forget a small but important ingredient that is the restaurant service. Usually, the chores will include: Kitchen cleaning, dishwashing, cleaning service,… Although they are just small jobs, not worth mentioning, the existence of at their is indispensable; The work they undertake helps the restaurant’s operations run smoothly and smoothly throughout a long day of operation. Restaurant janitorial services, chain stores: Professional – Flexible – Stable – Reasonable price.

Nhân viên vệ sinh khu vực phục vụ khách tại nhà hàng
Image: Staff cleaning the customer service area at the restaurant

1. Why is the restaurant catering service a good, optimal choice?

Currently, restaurants providing food, fast food, or chain stores all have a need to use a large number of outsourced cleaning and cleaning staff for the following reasons:

  • The management of a large number of cleaning staff costs recruitment and training costs.
  • Janitors are always fluctuating and unstable, leading to instability in business
  • It is always difficult to replace experienced cleaners and cleaners with new ones because it is difficult to find the right person.
  • The working regime, salary, bonus and penalty for the valet positions always make the units have a headache.
  • Searching for janitors is very time-consuming, when using outsourced services, you will get the staff you want in the fastest time.
  • Additional specialized tools, cleaning equipment and chemicals are included with each janitorial services.
  • Saving a cost on health insurance, social insurance, …. for the janitor

Instead of focusing on the expertise of preparing delicious, quality and competitively priced food; stores have to deal with non-specialist tasks such as washing dishes and cleaning.

dịch vụ cung cấp tạp vụ rửa chén nhà hàng TKT Maids
Image: TKT Maids restaurant dishwashing services

Therefore, choosing an external services is the best and most optimal choice. Just a contract with a restaurant janitor services; Everything complicated has been solved. If you have a need, feel free to contact us at any time!

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2. Restaurant janitorial jobs

Cleaning assigned areas
  • Before carrying out any work, the janitor must receive information; Tasks for the day are assigned from the shift manager or supervisor. Sort and prepare all tools and chemicals.
  • Sweep dust on floors, carpets (if any), corridors, stairs,…
  • Wipe down the areas that you have swept with a mop and specialized chemicals. Avoid using hard objects that affect the floor.
  • Note: When carrying out cleaning and floor cleaning work, janitor need to put up a warning sign for restaurant staff and customers to move carefully through these areas.
  • Comply with the prescribed work schedule, avoiding affecting other departments.
Cleaning the toilet area

Nhà vệ sinh, khu vực Toilet thường là những nơi rất dễ bị bám bẩn, nên nhân viên tạp vụ cần phải thường xuyên kiểm tra và vệ sinh thường xuyên. Bao gồm các công việc như:

  • Clean toilets, sinks from the inside out, on the walls and surrounding areas with specialized cleaning chemicals, suitable and not harmful to health. Make sure everything always smells good
  • Additional paper, hand sanitizer, essential oils, soap, …
  • Clean the glass surface, floor, handle, faucet, make sure not to accumulate water and dirt
Image: Toilet area cleaning staff
Cleaning the customer service area
  • During the working shift, the cleaning staff together with the service staff  observe the guests to immediately be present when the guests need them, especially in the following situations: Guests break/spray food and drinks; guests have finished their meals and left… make sure the main service area is always clean, creating a comfortable feeling for the guests.
  • Assist other staff in cleaning, classifying and treating garbage in accordance with regulations, cleaning the Kitchen area as assigned.
  • Cleaning floors and the entire restaurant space at the end of the shift; clean up and check used tools and put them in designated places; handing over work to the next shift; report the work results to the leader of that shift and finish his/her shift.
Nhân viên bảo quản dụng cụ vệ sinh
Image: Staff maintain cleaning tools
Maintain assigned tools
  • Each cleaning staff is assigned various types of machinery, tools, equipment and you are responsible for checking the quantity as well as quality, preserving them during working time.
  • Clean up the items after finishing; regularly check to promptly report to superiors if any damage occurs.
  • Proposal to provide other necessary items.
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3. Why choose TKT Maids restaurant janitorial services?

There are many services that provide cleaning services, reputable and professional cleaning staff. So why are so many businesses, offices, companies or any restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City trusting and using and choosing TKT Maids’ services? Let’s find out the following reasons!

8 Reasons to choose Maids’ service of providing janitor restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

  • More than 8 years of experience in performing services, the first and only professional in Ho Chi Minh City
  • There is always a replacement when the cleaning staff is on vacation or absent.
  • The staff is experienced, trained in food hygiene and safety
  • Staff are trained to wash dishes by hand, by machine at the restaurant
  • Reasonable and stable costs every year
  • Flexible hours. TKT Maids is the only unit that provides hourly restaurant dishwashing service
  • Supported by professional cleaning services to clean kitchens, offices, exterior glass cleaning services at a cost reduced by 20% compared to the market.
  • Always take responsibility and share with Customers.
dịch vụ cung cấp tạp vụ rửa chén vệ sinh nhà hàng TKT Maids
Image: TKT Maids restaurant janitorial services

In addition, when you use the janitorial services provided by TKT Maids, you also receive additional cleaning services at the most favorable prices.

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4. Quotation for restaurant janitorial services

Usually, the grocery price for restaurants is applied according to the following price list. However, call us for advice and for the BEST and IMMEDIATE quote.

hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
hourly cleaning service quotes 2024 tktmaids
3 hours/day – 3 days/week3 hours/day – 6 days/week4 hours/day – 3 days/week4 hours/day – 6 days/week
71,000 VND/hour52,000 VND/hour68,000 VND/hour59,000 VND/hour
Monthly fee: 2,769,000 VNDMonthly fee: 5,022,000 VNDMonthly fee: 3,536,000 VNDMonthly fee: 6,372,000 VND
Fees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthFees for tools and chemicals (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Vacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/monthVacuum cleaner fee (if needed): 300,000 VND/month
Single floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/monthSingle floor scrubber (if needed): 500,000 VND/month

The above quotation is a reference quotation on how to calculate the hourly services of TKT Maids; Depending on each project, surveying the work of the cleaning staff, the cost will have certain changes.

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5. Request a 100% Free Consultation, Survey and Quotation

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6. Frequently asked questions

❓ Question 1: Will TKT Maids service all of my restaurants? Or just choose the right side restaurants?

👉 Answer: TKT Maids often follow restaurants from the beginning, until they expand to new restaurant locations, but do not choose the right restaurant; We will fully meet the needs of customers without distinguishing between restaurants.

❓ Question 2: Can we pay a service penalty if the restaurant janitor is late, leaves early, and has no substitute when on leave?

👉 Answer: In each labor agreement, there are clearly defined reward and punishment conditions, so you can completely rely on that to be able to take appropriate handling measures. TKT Maids with the right supervisor, staff, and customer care team will ensure continuous and smooth service.

❓ Question 3: Is the job of a dishwasher cleaner a lot, usually washing by hand or using a dishwasher?

👉 Answer: There is no such thing as a little or a lot of work, it’s just that you know how to properly arrange the jobs together. However, most of the job of washing dishes in a restaurant will also depend on the number of guests in the restaurant. If there are many guests, the number of dishes will be washed during the day and vice versa; If you have few guests, you won’t have to do much. Regarding dishwashing, every large restaurant will be equipped with a dishwasher; But there will be some dishwasher items that cannot be washed so you must wash them completely by hand.

Nhân viên rửa chén tại nhà hàng
Image: Dishwasher at the restaurant

Contact us now to get your questions answered. We are always willing to accompany you to solve your needs.

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7. Customers Rate Restaurant Service Service

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