Whether in any area such as office, company, school, warehouse, workshop operating or not, in the process will also accumulate some pathogens, or unpleasant odors affecting health. health of employees. This will lead to ineffective work, reducing labor productivity. You are the owner of a company, a warehouse manager, a factory, you need to find remedies. One of the effective methods is spraying, disinfecting the entire office, company, warehouse, factory, …

In particular, in the context of the complicated situation of Covid – 19, which is likely to spread quickly in the community, it is absolutely right to search for staff of disinfecting spray. Spraying disinfectant will help you reduce the likelihood of getting sick and eradicating potential germs.

1. Disinfection Spray Team of TKT Maids

TKT Maids provides comprehensive disinfecting spray services including areas such as: Offices, companies, factories, factories, schools, houses, … with a professional team, with extensive operating experience year and 100% certified. Currently, TKT Maids provides disinfection spray service in Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Dong Nai, Binh Duong.

🌟 Why you should spray disinfectant offices, houses, warehouses, factories:

  • The most important thing is to protect health, reduce the risk of disease of employees and relatives.
  • Eradicate the germs and potential pathogens
  • Minimize unpleasant odors in the area due to long-term operation, less hygienic clean the nooks and crannies are not visible.

🌟 The reason you should choose disinfection spray team of TKT Maids:

Professional staff:
  • All employees of TKT Maids are properly trained on hygiene knowledge, dealing with arising situations and basic communication. Professional working attitude, sociable, happy work. On the other hand, employees carrying out disinfection spraying jobs are all going through well-certified certificate training in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • After completing each service, customer care staff will actively contact, discuss and inquire about the situation after conducting disinfectant sprays to avoid the occurrence of unnecessary cases. We always hope to bring you the best and best quality service.
Photo: TKT Maids staff conduct disinfectant spray office for customers
Photo: TKT Maids staff conduct disinfectant spray office for customers
Chemicals and tools:
  • All chemical disinfectants use products imported from abroad, permitted by the Ministry of Health to use and have clear verification.
Photo: Steriplant disinfectant solution
Photo: Steriplant disinfectant solution
  • Korean ULV pressure sprayer, capable of spraying tiny droplets of water. Therefore, the solution can go to every corner of the office. The use of ULV sprayer helps you save costs and achieve high efficiency.
Photo: ULV pressure spraying machine
Photo: ULV pressure spraying machine

With the current situation of disease development, choosing a reputable service and staff to conduct disinfection spraying is absolutely right, to help you reduce the possibility of spreading the disease. Also destroy potential pathogens in the area where you live or work.

2. The process of implementing comprehensive disinfection service

Before performing disinfecting spray service, you need to conduct a total cleaning of all areas where disinfecting spray is needed. Because chemicals only work maximum and effective on a clean surface

💦 Step 1: Spray inside

Steriplant chemicals are mixed with water into ULV mist sprayer (Korea)

They are sprayed on the entire office floor, the walls of the building, the curtain system, crevices, under tables and chairs, in cabinet slots, and all items in the office.

  • Spraying toilets, paths, paths, corridors in the office
  • Chemicals have a residual effect of killing insects long after spraying.
  • Kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi on office wall surface
Title: Hình ảnh: Xịt khử trùng các ngóc ngách trong văn phòng
Images: Spray disinfecting nooks and crannies in the office
💦 Step 2: Spray the space
Images: Spray disinfecting classroom space

Using one of the types of space-spraying chemicals, the chemical is mixed into the ULV spraying machine (Korea). The chemical is sprayed in the form of mist, the particle size is extremely small (5 -30 micrometre). Chemicals will be sprayed up high on the ceiling, the central nook.

  • Kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi clean the entire air environment inside the office.
  • Disinfect the entire surface of equipment and office equipment such as tables and chairs, machinery and equipment ..
  • Disinfecting the entire surface of the floor, office floor, toilet to ensure effective bactericidal

3. Quotation’s disinfection spray of TKT Maids

Below is a quotation by area of ​​TKT Maids that you can refer to:

Title: Hình ảnh: Báo giá dịch vụ xịt khử trùng
Images: Disinfection spray service quotation

You can refer to the price above, if there are more questions you can contact us for advice, support survey to conduct disinfection spray. In addition, you can find out about promotions, preferential events of TKT Maids on Fanpage, Gmappage page updated monthly:

  1. ❤️ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/tapvuvanphongtphcm

2. ❤️ Gmappage: https://g.page/TKTMaids?share


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