As you know, the main business form of a hotel is accommodation so it is necessary to ensure the rooms are always clean, fragrant and tidy, … So who will take care of these jobs – is the department housekeeping. They work quietly, few people care, but they play an important part in the hotel. So what jobs do they usually do? How does the process work? Let’s TKT Maids learn more about housekeeping room service offline!

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1. What is housekeeping?

Title: Hình ảnh: Nhân viên tạp vụ buồng phòng
Image: Housekeeping staff

Housekeeping is responsible for ensuring that the rooms of the hotel are clean, neat and tidy according to the general regulations of the hotel. At the same time, answer questions and requirements of guests on issues and needs related to accommodation.

☘ The job requirement of housekeeping are as follows:

  • Experience working in housekeeping or jobs related to hotel, restaurant, catering,…(prioritized)
  • Get good health, withstand work pressure.
  • Work flexibly in shifts.
  • Cleanly and Neatly
  • Know how to use basic sanitary equipment.
  • Having a high school diploma is an advantage
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Images: Request for housekeeping

2. Describe the work of a housekeeping

2.1. Clean the room

  • At the beginning of the shift, get a list of rooms to be cleaned and a room key from the shift supervisor or related departments
  • Prepare necessary equipment, tools, chemicals for room cleaning process.
  • Perform room cleaning procedures according to the hotel’s standards, depending on the different room types: empty rooms, clean rooms, rooms in use, VIP rooms.
Title: Hình ảnh: Vệ sinh phòng ở của khách sạn
Images: Clean the room of the hotel
  • In the process of cleaning the room, if you find something forgotten, need to report it to your supervisor or direct manager for timely handling measures. Ready to provide information about hotel services, local travel information when guests ask.
  • After finishing, the need to hand over the key to the manager to avoid losing.

2.2. Check the room has checked-out

  • When guests check out, staff is responsible for checking the status of the room, using the equipments and minibar in the room.
Title: Hình ảnh: Kiểm tra minibar trong phòng khi khách check-out
Images: Check in-room minibar when guests check-out
  • Provide accurate checking information to the receptionist who is known to handle guests’ check-out accurately.

2.3. Handling arising situations

  • With the living room hanging signs “Please do not disturb!” too long, exceeding the prescribed time frame of the hotel, housekeeping must immediately report to manager to handle promptly.
  • If a guest is injured, sick, etc. in the room, housekeeping must report to the shift supervisor to contact the medical staff to assist with handling and bringing guests to the hospital in case of need. Proactively visit the health of guests.
  • Help guests find keys, lost items.
  • Coordinate with the staff, other parts of the hotel to handle arising situations such as: the guest is stolen, the fire …

2.4. Receive – Return laundry to guests

  • Collect laundry for guests according to the prescribed time frame of the hotel, check the laundry – make sure to write all the necessary information on the laundry note, note the special requirements of guests.
Title: Hình ảnh: Trả đồ giặt là của khách ở tại khách sạn
Images: Return the laundry of guests staying at the hotel
  • Implement the guest delivery process for the hotel laundry staff.
  • By the specified time, pick up laundry from the laundry staff and deliver it to your guests in the correct room number.
  • Transfer the laundry slip to the clerk of the management room and hand it over to the front desk staff to charge the laundry fee when the guest checks out.

2.5. Other jobs

  • At the end of the shift, perform the cleaning of equipment, tools – properly preserved, in the prescribed place of the hotel.
  • Coordinate with receptionist, luggage staff to assist guests to transfer rooms upon request.
  • Pay high alert to ensure security and safety issues in the hotel.
  • Attend periodic meetings of the department, proactively propose solutions to improve the work efficiency of housekeeping.
  • Enthusiastic to participate in training courses, improve the level when facilitated by the hotel.
  • Perform other tasks as required by the division manager.

3. Business requirements of housekeeping

To show professionalism, dedication in customer service issues. Housekeeping needs to have the following standards:

3.1. Research the English terminology terms for housekeeping

Because of the nature of the work, housekeeping need to know a number of relevant specialized terms to serve the customers.

  • Availability – Room is ready for use
  • Fully – booked – The hotel is out of room
  • OOO (Out of order) – Room not in use
  • OC (Occupied) – Room with guests
  • VD (Vacant dirty) – Room not clean
  • VC (Vacant Clean) – Room was cleaned
  • VR (Vacant ready) – Clean room ready to welcome guests
  • DND (Do not disturb) – Please do not disturb
  • Make up room – Room should be cleaned immediately
  • VIP (Very Important Person) – Room for important guests
  • SLO (Sleep out) – Room with guests sleeping outside
  • EA (Expected arrival) – Guest room is coming
  • HU (House use) – Room for internal use only
  • SO (Stay over) – Guests staying longer than expected

When you understand the abbreviation terms, you will be more proactive in your work and explain to customers when needed

3.2. Neatly and cleanly uniform

Room cleaners will have less contact with customers than the receptionist, but you can still see guests anywhere, so the costumes need to be neat, clean.

Always make sure that, when working your outfit will not make a mistake, it must always be in a neat and polite condition to ensure customer satisfaction at first sight.

Title: Hình ảnh: Trang phục nhân viên gọn gàng, lịch sự
Images: Staff attire neat, polite

3.3. Preserve và store the keys carefully

Before starting the day’s work, housekeeping will receive the keys of the rooms they need carry out cleaning and the key of the warehouse – a place to store specialized tools and chemicals from the manager or shift supervisor.

Your task after receiving the key is responsible for careful storage, to avoid losing influence to other parts. You can hang or hook fixed on the trolley, avoiding it in your pocket or shirt, because during cleaning the room it is easy to fall off.

3.4. Principles and Note for chamber room work

Any job, when you work, you need to follow a certain process and framework to ensure the work goes smoothly and quickly. As for housekeeping, you need to follow a process as follows:

Title: Hình ảnh: Nguyên tắc vệ sinh buồng phòng
Images: Principles of room hygiene in the hotel
  • After receiving the shift, you first need to arrange and prepare all the necessary tools on the trolley.
  • Conduct cleaning, replace the furniture in the room if required
  • Check all over again at the end of your shift


  • Follow the rules when cleaning the room such as opening the door during cleaning, politely greeting the customer, not arbitrarily moving the client’s objects.
  • If you find a room with damaged equipment or foreign objects, report it to your supervisor.

4. Basic salary of housekeeping

According to the latest survey, the basic salary of housekeeping is about 4 to 8 million / month depending on the type, performance of the hotel:

In addition to the basic salary, housekeeping also receive many other allowances such as:

  • Supplement (allowance)
  • Bonus
  • Service charge
  • Tip
  • V..v ..

Considering the common ground, the salary of a housekeeping staff is ranked quite, not quite as low as many people often think.

Hopefully, with the above information provided by TKT Maids, you will understand more and better about the housekeeping

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