In addition to providing office staff, companies, restaurants. Some service companies also provide event cleaning staff, exhibitors, motorshow, etc. TKT Maids is the leader in this field, we always have a staff of event cleaning staff available 24. / 7 to meet the needs of customers when needed. To know more about TKT Maids’ staff cleaning service, find out in the following article!

1. Introduce service to provide event cleaning staff

An event, big or small, takes a lot of time and effort to plan and maintain the event throughout. What the event organizers are interested in will be hygiene issues before the event takes place; as well as cleaning up the mess which people left behind at the end of the event

Images: Event cleaning staff

Currently, there are many events taking place, held in many different forms; You can also apply various cleaning services, such as:

✔️ The exhibition, exhibition, launch of equipment products; machines; car; factory; building site

✔️ Parties celebrating holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Birthdays, Class Meetings, etc.

✔️ Organize customer care events, gratitude, or offers for customers.

✔️ Big parties like: Weddings, weddings, …

✔️ All of the above are very focused on hygiene; help you create sympathy as well as goodwill in the hearts of guests attending.

✔️ Your use of staff provided by service companies; they will work throughout the event; Keep the event clean before and after the event.

They are well-trained, professional teams. Regularly taking care of event cleaning should have a lot of experience in this matter; At the same time they will handle the arising situations quickly and effectively.

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2. The job of event cleaning staff

Images: Event cleaning staff’s job

The formation of event cleaning staff has helped you solve sanitation problems at a low cost. Here are some of the jobs the cleaning staff will make for an event:

✔️ Sweep, clean the event venue including the venue of the banquet, offices; toilet cleaning; stairs and other locations around your event.

✔️Clean essential items such as tables and chairs; cup, cup, cup; tea pots, coffee pots, arrange items according to customers’ requirements in a neat and tidy manner.

✔️ Support you to decorate, organize and organize events, support errands; making it easier for you to organize your event.

✔️ Clean and arrange before the party; Maintain the cleanliness during the party and arrange it neatly after the party.

✔️ The event cleaning staff can also help guide guests to the locations of your party.

Clean floors and locations after construction; clean paint stains from the floor; Absolutely support you with housework/housekeeper

However, these are only general tasks; Depending on each event, there will be different specific tasks. We fully meet the requirements and desires of our customers.

3. Why choose TKT Maids’s cleaning staff?

TKT Maids is one of the most prestigious event cleaning service providers in Ho Chi Minh City. Many organizations, individuals and businesses have chosen us. Trust, customer’s support is one of the criteria for TKT Maids growing; become the most professional and advanced service.

3.1. About the cleaning staff

  • The cleaning staff provided by TKT Maids are professionals; basic training in hygiene knowledge; professional use of chemicals and specialized machines; Work hard and have good morals.
  • Origin, clear background, confirmed by local authorities.
  • Guaranteed health, fully qualified to undertake the long-term cleaning tasks and well completed the assigned work.
Images: Cleaning staff provided by TKT Maids

With many experience years in the service industry, providing staff for events; Office, our company can fully meet the requirements and desires of the customers.

3.2. Professional, modern and effective working processes

Whenever you have a need to provide event cleaning staff; You can completely contact us by the following methods:

📞 Hotline: – 028.66.830.931

📩 Email:

Or go directly to our company address at: 8th Floor, GIC Building, 161 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

If you contact or email us, our customer service representative (Mr. Hung) will assist you with advice; send quotation or discuss some issues that you need in the shortest possible time.

Then, it will be transferred to the regional supervisor; they will be the person to work directly with you, support all issues from providing staff, supervising the work, receiving customer comments, …

4. Photos of some events of the staff of TKT Maids

💥 Cleaning services events, exhibitions on cars, motorcycles, …

Vệ sinh sự kiện ô tô
Images: Cleaning car event
Nhân viên TKT Maids tiến hành vệ sinh sự kiện
Images: TKT Maids staff conduct cleaning event
Vệ sinh sàn nhà và kính tại khu vực sự kiện
Images: Cleaning floors and glass at the event area

💥 Cleaning service event Beer Budweiser

Nhân viên hút bụi và quét rác tại sự kiện bia Budweiser
Images: Employee vacuuming and sweeping trash at Budweiser beer event
Vệ sinh thảm tại sự kiện Bia
Images: Carpet cleaning at Beer event

Cleaning service of TKT Maids always wants to bring you the most satisfaction and trust. Hoping to meet all the needs of customers, TKT Maids also provides additional services to support businesses, offices and restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to have an absolute experience when using the service.

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